Who is Going to Win?

Two competing companies. Both about the same size, with similar resources.

Every now and then, Company A throws a little plan together.

Company A guesses about customers and finds itself uncertain and reacting. It’s one thing this week and something else next. Projects are begun and abandoned. Everyone’s slammed! Fulfilling orders often is as difficult as getting them. There are too many surprises. Senior leaders have to grab the phone.

Company B directs its business from an informed, structured plan.

Each year, Company B takes a good look at itself and asks customers for candid feedback. Its brand is clearly defined. The sales force is skilled, focused and energetic. Work moves at a good rhythm. The team knows what’s going on and heads off problems. Company B’s leaders can focus on growth and improvements.

Are you going to win?

McLandrich Consulting creates effective plans, desirable brands and stronger sales processes.

If desired, McLandrich Consulting assists with implementation.


"It's not the plan, it's the planning."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Companies that plan consistently outperform companies that wing it.


"Branding is about everything."
-Tom Peters

A brand is a promise. A known entity. An expectation. A shortcut.


"Of course, nothing happens until somebody sells something."
-Jim Barksdale

Today's top sellers teach, tailor and take control of the sale.