From Today to the Beginning


Drew McLandrich
Principal, McLandrich Consulting

Consultant – Today, McLandrich Consulting’s clients:

  • care for seniors
  • machine graphite
  • distribute packaging
  • prepare and sell food
  • repair boilers and heat exchangers
  • manufacture and sell high purity chemicals
  • design, manufacture and sell hospital televisions
  • design, manufacture and install playground equipment

CEO – At the request of a client’s Board of Trustees, from August 2013 until April 2014, I served as the Interim Executive Director of a 125-year old retirement community, which provides independent and assisted living and health services.

During those nine months, in addition to serving other clients, I worked to change the community’s corporate culture, instituted much needed policies, procedures and position descriptions, improved the physical plant and technology infrastructure, and directed the organization toward providing a new service offering – memory care.

During my time as CEO, all McLandrich Consulting clients remained well served.

Consultant – After 10 exciting years at HeaterMeals, it was time to broaden my world of work.

Entrepreneur – In partnership with a then-client, ZestoTherm, Inc., I created HeaterMeals, the world’s first self-heating meals; and, with others, founded The HeaterMeals Company. HeaterMeals are very popular with over-the-road truck drivers and are a staple with the Red Cross, FEMA and outdoorsmen. More at

Consultant – My first consultancy, Selling Services, founded in 1989, enabled me to assist a wide variety of businesses. One of those businesses manufactured a water-activated flameless food heater, which was the basis for HeaterMeals.

Client Side Marketer – As a marketer with The Iams Pet Foods Company, I witnessed the power and focus generated by a well-conceived strategic plan, flawlessly executed.

Iams enabled me to see how a business could successfully grow quickly and gave me many opportunities to broaden and deepen my business skills.

Advertising Agency Executive – Working at increasingly larger agencies, taught me to write tight, persuasive copy; successfully manage multiple, complex projects simultaneously, the value of market and marketing research and the science and art of local, national and international marketing and selling. At my last agency, an account for which I was responsible was Iams Pet Foods.

Political Consultant – A political scientist, by degree, I worked as a junior and then a senior political consultant for candidates of all parties, as well as on behalf of ballot issues and levies.

Presenting political candidates is a very demanding marketing challenge, as everything is always changing and changing rapidly.

Throughout all these times and today, each client was and is well-cared for.

McLandrich Consulting creates effective plans, desirable brands and stronger sales processes.

If desired, McLandrich Consulting assists with implementation.


"It's not the plan, it's the planning."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Companies that plan consistently outperform companies that wing it.


"Branding is about everything."
-Tom Peters

A brand is a promise. A known entity. An expectation. A shortcut.


"Of course, nothing happens until somebody sells something."
-Jim Barksdale

Today's top sellers teach, tailor and take control of the sale.