It’s all about performance

In Addition to Challenging, Tailoring Messages and Taking Control of the Sale,
Top Sales Professionals…

  • Commit Time and Effort to Ensure Success
  • Management Their Time Ruthlessly
  • Prospect Constantly
  • Develop Leads
  • Qualify Accurately
  • Listen
  • Ask Challenging Questions
  • Listen
  • Present Clearly and Concisely
  • Solve Problems
  • Listen
  • Negotiate Effectively
  • Close Often
  • Provide Great Customer Service
  • Communicate Excellently
  • Perform

McLandrich Consulting increases performance.

It’s all about performance!

Today’s top sellers teach, tailor and take control of the sale.

Top sellers challenge their customers’ thinking and their comfort zones.

Top selling companies work from a written sales plan that:

  • Identifies the best prospects
  • Defines consistent interactions that build long-term relationships
  • Challenges customers’ and prospects’ thinking with business cases that create engaging conversations
  • Takes control of each sale with a Close Plan

Selling keeps changing because people and the world in which they sell keep changing.

McLandrich Consulting’s sales planning process helps ensure a company’s sales professionals are skilled and that the company’s selling resources are put to their best use.

In addition to strengthening these three components, McLandrich Consulting’s sales planning process:

  • Identifies which prospects and customers deserve and require the most attention
  • What forms that attention will take
  • What messages will be delivered to each prospect or customer and how often
  • All this leads the prospect / customer to your company’s unique strengths

Today’s Selling Environment

Today, prospects / customers can learn so much on their own – via the Internet.

So today, selling is not about telling it’s about challenging. Challenging the prospects’ or customers’ assumptions, beliefs – their status quo. Your challenge must be backed by data.

In the past the sales professional’s question was, “What’s keeping you up at night?”

Today, the past the sales professional’s statement is, “Here’s what should be keeping you up at night.”

Today, selling is all about creating urgency for action!

Account Penetration

Your sales professionals will sell more when they engage early at very senior levels and have conversations about business problems, about delivering business outcomes and about managing risk.

These types of conversations enable your sales professionals to embed themselves in such a way that it creates a disadvantage for your competition.

Yours sales professionals must demonstrate that your company has a better understanding of your customer’s or prospect’s business and their operating environment than anyone else who is going to try to sell to them.

All this creates a unique value built around an important business case, so the customer / prospect moves ahead with your company.

Close Plans

Ironically, many buyers, and even senior level executives, charged with making a purchase do not understand their company’s purchase process.

To close sales, a sales professional must know and understand the company’s purchase process.

Then, the sales professional will know where in the purchase process the sales may be stuck and take appropriate action.

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