Selected Brand Identities

Here are a few of the brand identities McLandrich Consulting has created:

  • CenterBank – Enjoy Banking Again
  • HeaterMeals, self-heating meals
    A Hot Meal! Anytime. Anyplace.
  • Helen Purcell Retirement Community – Authentic Love. Legendary Care. Surprisingly Affordable!
  • Honeymoon Paper Products – Serving you, so you may serve others.
  • Johnny Appleseed Museum at Urbana University – Here is a place to learn about a legend.
  • JTM Food Group – Let’s create great dishes together!
  • Parson Bishop Collection Services – Why Pay a Lot of Money to Get YOUR Own Money?
  • Quench Water Coolers – Endless Fresh Water!

A brand is a promise. A known entity. An expectation.

A brand is everything a company does – from the way the telephone is answered to the way the lawn looks.

A brand stands for:

  • What a company will do
  • What a company will not do
  • The benefits and features valuable to customers and prospects

A brand is a reputation.

A brand creates sales.

Defining Your Brand Creates Sales

McLandrich Consulting’s proven process defines a company’s brand.

Brand attributes are your products and services benefits and features, as well the personality of your brand.

Here is a Brief Outline of the Process:

Your brand attributes are defined

Your customers and prospective customers rank your brand attributes.

The ranking:

  • Provides critical guidance about what is really important to your customers and prospects.
  • Determines what your business needs to do to create or improve on what is really important to your customers and prospects.
  • Results lead to the drafting of a selection of brand positions.

The various brand positions are reviewed and sometime ideas from two or more positions are combined – creating your chosen brand position.

Brand attributes also give the brand a personality, as if the brand were a person. For example, while both market personal computers, Dell and Apple have very different brand personalities.

To Define Your Brand, McLandrich Consulting:

  • Identifies and measures your brand attributes
  • Reviews and analyzes the measurement
  • Presents a number of viable brand positions
  • Reviews your brand positions and brand attributes with your management, combining and adjusting – as necessary

Once your brand position is chosen, your brand attributes are declared.

Your brand position carries throughout every phase of a your business, especially your marketing and selling.

Your well-defined brand creates sales.

Let’s meet and talk about the many benefits of effective branding. or 513.706.2942