Here’s a Little More Detail About Your Plan

Situation – The Situation puts everyone on the same page by creating a commonly accepted set of facts from which to determine Objectives.

Objectives – The Objectives are measurable in quantity and date, so everyone using the plan knows specifically what will be accomplished and by when. As we all know, “what get measured gets done.” The number of Objectives is kept small and manageable.

Strategies – The Strategies are ideas that, when successfully implemented, lead to the accomplishment of the Objectives. A single Objective may have several strategies.

Tactics – Tactics are the actual work of the plan. This work bring the Strategies to life. A Strategy may have several tactics.

The successful completion of each Tactic will be the responsibility of a specific individual or vendor – who has a budget and deadline for that Tactic’s completion.

The Tactics portion of the plan, which is written in the following format, creates a budget and an effective management tool.

Tactic 1. ________________________________

Person Responsible ______________________
Budget Available $ ______________________
Completion Date    ______________________

The planning process normally takes five to nine weeks to complete. The client company participates in the creation of the values, mission and vision statement and the SWOT.

Then, McLandrich Consulting performs all work and brings that work to the client for review. Thus, the plan is turnkey.

As noted earlier, companies that work from an informed, structured plan consistently outperform companies that wing it.

Companies that plan consistently outperform companies that wing it.

An informed, structured plan:

  • Increases sales and drives out costs
  • Creates time for leaders and staff
  • Identifies and takes advantage of opportunities
  • Streamlines work by preventing and reducing duplications and omissions
  • Increases the probability of victory

Planning is also about what a business is not going to do.

Good actions are set aside for better ones.

Here is an Outline of the Plan McLandrich Consulting’s Clients Receive:

Values, Mission and Vision Statements

The values, mission and vision statements are a foundational piece of the strategic operational and marketing plan.

Values, mission and vision statements provide a foundation upon which to build consensus, make better decisions about strategic issues, resolve difficult questions and effectively plan for the short term and for the distant future.

It is critical that a company agrees upon what is values is, why it exists and where it is going, before telling its story to others.

The Strategic Operational and Marketing Plan

Your business situation is defined.

This definition is created from:

  • A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Assessment (SWOT)
  • Interviews with your customer and prospects
  • Your company’s Critical Success Factors
  • Your company’s Brand Attributes

Your plan’s Objectives provide clear ways to measure progress.

Your plan’s Strategies provide viable ways to gain full advantage of circumstances, reduce or eliminate weaknesses, blunt threats, increase the number and quality of sales opportunities and the number of sales closed.

Your plan’s Tactics ensure the reasons customers want to do business with a company are in place and that those reasons are convincingly communicated to staff, employees, prospects and customers.

Your plan’s Tactics also ensures the operational capabilities to provide the products and services customers need and want are in place; and that the operational capabilities are efficient and effective.

Your plan sums from top to bottom and bottom to top. As the individual tactics are correctly completed, the strategies come to life and, through work, lead to the attainment of the objectives.

The tactics portion of the plan, which denotes a budget, makes all involved aware of who is responsible to complete each task and by when. The tactics section is a valuable and effective management and budget-control tool.

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